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Churches, Startups, Entrepreneurs, Schools and individuals should contact us for their top world-class​ branding needs (website & print); we breath life in your brand to make it sell. Call +233-200-689684 for any info!
Our works includes: www.pastorsmentoringpastors.org - www.philiparyee.com - www.ismsgh.com - www.razzonline.com

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Need a modern IT company with Career Solutions trends to solve your IT needs from project execution to training, look no further contact us now, for our greatest joy is to see our brand Cyclux produce results then we say your business depends on IT.


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Cyclux Consult is an IT company based in Ghana with primary focus on Corporate Online Branding and IT Training. As a freelance brand Cyclux believes that DDT(Design, Development and Training ) should be the heartbeat of every project to provide career solutions. Using technology to provide career solutions we say your business depends on IT as we tailor our services to meet your daily needs, building some of the pleasant and responsive websites and tech projects in Ghana we say success is making complex things simple and at Cyclux we make your dynamic works simple.

We provide world-class global and local responsive website designs and application projects with digital marketing services for high performance internet marketing and productivity. Our greatest desire is to see our brand Cyclux producing results for every assignment.

Our Vision: To Pollinate (Spreading) Purpose

Our Mission: Using ICT to support and govern individuals and organizations

Our Core Values: CAREER - Covered Assignment Reveal to Enter Essential Rest is the only channel for purposeful success. - inspired with Christ trends

Our Believes: DDT (design, development & Training) should be at the core of every project to help build a global market and sales platform